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You are driving down a Austin road singing along to a country song and whistling happily. All of a sudden, a bird that was flying overhead lands onto your windshield, creating an impact that you never saw coming.You immediately think that the windshield has cracked and that the damage could necessitate a windshield repair or a windshield replacement.

However, you are lucky. It is not that serious. The windshield is only slightly cracked, and the damage is not directly in your eye-line as the driver. You get to drive on, and you know that you will need to call the windshield repair shop later for an assessment.
Your situation is different, but there are hundreds of Austin residents who find themselves needing windshield replacement and car glass repair near Austin every day. That is why the Glass Genie is here.

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Windshield replacement services are our core business. We come to your home, office, or any other place of your convenience and address your problem. The windshield replacement mobile van is self-sufficient with all the necessary equipment to install common glass parts. Just because it is mobile, does not mean that quality is compromised.

Our strict adherence to industry guidelines with windshield replacement ensures that quality is never compromised and so is safety. That is probably why we are the favorite of most insurance companies.
It is our goal to make windshield replacement as convenient as possible. With a long-standing relationship with most insurance companies, we offer the insurance company a credible quote to approve a quality install.
All prices are standardized and better than the ones offered by most windshield replacement competitors in Austin. Such standardization helps both insurance companies and customers. Companies know what to expect and customers don’t have to haggle about their windshield

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