Back Glass Slider Replacement

If you’re considering your different options for back glass don’t look further than glass genie. My company is environmentally friendly and dedicated to performing high-quality work. I’m punctual and professional and committed to offering excellent customer service at all times. Come to me for:
I take pride in the quality of my results and can offer references upon request. To make it easy to use my services, I have flexible appointment availability and will work around your schedule. My goal is to get your vehicle’s glass fixed in a prompt and professional manner.
Back Glass Slider Replacement

Rear Windshield Replacement

When you first notice any chips on your windshield immediately get it repaired because there is the possibility to become a crack in near future. crack repair needs more money. You have to pay between $250-$1000 depending on your car year, make, model.
for further spreading of your chip you should avoid washing your windshield with cold water, you can also monitor the internal pressure of your windshield or use packing tape to prevent dirt from getting inside chips .or you can use epoxy or acrylic adhesive filler.
you can use epoxy for cone-shaped, leaf-shaped or chip that does not spread on a wide area. when you are ready to repair your chips call a nearby auto glass shop that can come to you and repair your chip
if your chips or crack is so smaller you can use any chip repair kits to stop further spreading and getting a new windshield. but most of the time DIY not works well so you have to find a local auto glass repair shop that can do the job within 30 minutes and save your time and money
we are the best auto glass company in Dallas we provide same-day windshield replacement and repair service. customer loves our same day or next day mobile windshield repair service. we provide an online quote, As with your front windshield, your rear windshield also tends to get crack or damage by accident or any.
we maintain a strict standard operating system to repair your rear windshield, in order to maintain the quality and standard of our auto glass repair and replacement we will not be able to repair your rear windshield but we can do instant windshield replacement

Glass Genie Procedure to Repair your Rear window
we will inspect the damage and remove debris and other materials
Using Vacuum Cleaner we will clean the opening
we will use OEM back windshield which will match your car year make model and any special features
We will use AGSC approve materials and adhesive to the rear windshield opening part,
we will ensure that every technological special like defrost is working properly.
how much it will cost?
it will depend on your car year, makes, model and special features. most of the cost can be cover by your insurance company

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