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If your car has cracked or broken auto glass in the Frisco area, Glass Genie auto glass repair shop can help you to repair your auto glass . When your car is broken down you call a mechanic, but broken auto glass requires a specialist. Our technicians know how to safely remove any broken pieces of your car’s auto glass and then install a suitable replacement.
We will find the perfect fit for the make and model of your car, whether you have a custom windshield, tinted windows, or automatic windows. Our repair work is a trusted commodity in Frisco, TX

Reliable Auto Glass Repair Frisco Tx

We are confident in our craftsmanship and we will not let your car out of our Frisco facility unless we are sure it is safe. Speaking of safety, it’s not just shattered glass that needs attention. Any small cracks call for a replacement window as well – or at least a sealant treatment if they are small enough. Pebbles and other road debris can be kicked into your windshield and cause cracks.
Over time, these may grow and ‘spider’ across your windshield like a spider’s web, eventually weakening the glass and maybe even shattering it. Our goal is to prevent these kinds of problems. If you have damaged or shattered car windows out there on the road in Frisco, TX, auto glass repair shop Area Wide Auto Glass is what you need.
All of our work is guaranteed to last. Citizens of Frisco, TX, can rely on our top-quality work and honest service. Schedule an appointment with us today and keep yourself safe in your vehicle.

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Glass Genie Frisco is your first choice for fast reliable service and affordable prices. We are locally owned and operated with experienced professional technicians. We’re Friscos best in glass chip repair and installation services. WE ARE PASSIONATE We are passionate about our work and pride ourselves on the quality and service we provide our customers on a daily basis.
HONEST AND DEPENDABLE We take pride in being honest and dependable along with offering professional quality service that you will notice. We take pride in providing quality professional service and giving you only the finest auto glass replacement and repair available.

Windshield Replacement Frisco

Windshield replacement is something that many drivers will have to undertake at some time. Often the need for a replacement does not happen immediately the first damage happens. This can be because minor damage is done to the screen, as a result of gravel or stones, and in turn this becomes more serious. There are many kits available for windshield repair and it is worth investing in some time to repair minor damage before it spiders and so causes the need for a new windshield
What happens if the windshield breaks when the car is being driven? In fact windshields are not all glass but a mixture of safety glass and clear plastic, and this plastic means that the windshield should not disintegrate completely if something larger hits it.
Of course if the item that hits the windshield is large enough, then the windshield could incur more damage. If it shatters then pull to the side of the road and do not try to remove the broken glass until you are safely parked. There are many companies that specialize in windshield replacement and a mobile service for this is most common.

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Discover the value of your auto glass repair or replacement by calling Glass Genie Frisco and getting a free Instant Quote. Glass Genie Frisco offers 24 / 7 mobile service and supply a guarantee which covers installation and manufacturer defect for so long as you own your automobile. Given that a windshield is such a vital part of your auto safety if the auto glass can not be fixed it is vital that you take the next step, get a quality Frisco Texas windscreen replacement.Discover what type of guaranty the Glass Genie FriscoTexas installer offers on their windshield replacement and get it in writing. Test your Glass Genie Frisco car insurance cover so you know what your deductible is before contacting a pro.Some insurance companies even supply a categorical auto glass deductible which could be different than your policy deductible. Regardless what your insurer may say ( or imply ) you have a legal right to select the window replacement professional you want to use near Frisco Texas

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