Windshield Replacement Service

When crack and chips occur during your normal driving routine, you need to make sure you fix them fast! Waiting on repair of cracks and chips in your windshield can mean more heavy duty repairs, or even Windshield Replacement Irving. It is good to consider windshield repair while the cracks are small, and the sooner the better. Glass genie Co can repair damage in your windshield as big as a dollar bill while still maintaining structural integrity. Don’t let other car window repair companies tell you that you need windshield replacement simply because they cannot repair damage bigger than a quarter, we can! Make sure you explore the options of repair before you replace in order to save your hard earned money. The cost of buying a new windshield is higher than repair, so it is important that you have trusted technicians, like the technicians that Glass Genie will send to your location for free mobile repair and replacement, to give you their honest assessment of the damage to your windshield. We will not sell you something you don’t need! We will tell you the pros and cons of repairing the damage or replacing your windshield and getting a new one, as well as the cost of each option. Then you can make an informed decision about which way is best for you and your vehicle. We are caring our customers like a god we give a good service safety glass windshield


Repair Your Windshield Replacement Irving, TX. If It Will Just Look Ugly?

Some people decide to do a windshield replacement because they are worried that the repair will look ugly. While you do come across ugly repairs, Glass Genie prides itself on beautiful, well done repairs. We will not suggest repairs to be done if the end result is not going to look good on your vehicle. Why pay for something ugly? No. Our repairs are done to improve the look of your windshield, not mar it with ugly residue and cloudy repairs. We use the top of the line fillers, resins, and adhesives to give the best possible repair look in the end. There are some windshields that repair will not look pretty. And more that repair is not possible.

In these cases, glass Genie Co installers will let you know your options and fit you with a windshield replacement that is perfect for your vehicle, not an aftermarket part that is one size fits most. We use manufacturer quality windshields and replacement parts so that your windshield is as strong as it was originally tested to be, or stronger, in order to protect you and your family in the event of a crash. Glass genie provides a best safe glass windshield repair. Whether it is a simple windshield repair or a full blown windshield replacement, you know you can trust the professional installers at Glass Genie’s Windshield Replacement Irving. Our competent mobile installers come to your home or office for your free mobile visit and take a look at the damage, give you your options for repair or replacement, and finish it same day. We look forward to working with you soon, give us a call today!

Professional Car Window Repair & Windshield Replacement Irving

In the first place, the replacement process usually takes about an hour, but it is dependent on your vehicle and how the labor process goes. After the old windshield is removed, our technicians have to remove all the gunk and grime that has collected in the cracks and crevices of the windshield frame over the years. This may take a while. It is not a fun process. Once the frame has been thoroughly cleaned, we can prep it for the new windshield. Adhesive is applied around the frame and then it is time for your new windshield to be placed. Using special suction tools, the installer can expertly place your new windshield on the adhesive, taking care not to introduce foreign materials that may hinder the full adhesion of the windshield, such as dirt particles. Our expert installers then make sure the windshield properly connects to the adhesive, and the adhesive to the frame, all the way around the frame. High quality auto glass repair near my location.

After cleaning up any adhesive that may have leaked out the edges of the windshield frame, our technicians inspect the frame and the new windshield one more time, making sure every inch has proper adhesive and contact. Then our technicians clean up and leave. You can still go about your business, but usually there is a safe driving time you need to wait after a windshield replacement. The standard windshield replacement waiting time is about 2 hours from the final adhesion of your new windshield to make sure that it has properly cured before being subjected to road vibrations while driving. Failure to wait this all important drying time can be hazardous, and can result in your windshield not adhering properly and leaking or your windshield coming off in the middle of driving!

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