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Are you looking for the best replacement windows in Plano? You can read about how to hire a professional service for your needs.

Did you know that a large cause of heat loss or gain in a home is because of windows? Your windows at home are responsible for 25-30% of your energy use. This means that old windows are affecting how much energy you’re using to cool or warm your home, and it may be costing you a lot.

Keep reading to find out why you may need your windows replaced and who you can turn to for a replacement windows Plano service.

What to Know About Your Windows

Windows in your home should be replaced every fifteen to thirty years. If your home is old and hasn’t been renovated in a while, you may need new windows installed. Because windows directly affect your energy usage, it’s important to know how old your windows are or if they need to be replaced.

Older windows are made with pane glass and aren’t durable enough to last over fifteen years and keep your energy usage minimal. Newer windows are now made with updated technology that will be less likely to lose heat in your home. They are made with a variety of materials that are stronger and more durable to last longer in your home.

It’s best to consider replacing your windows when the weather isn’t too intense, like in the winter or summer months. Milder weather is a great time to think about replacing your windows.

How Do You Know When They Should Be Replaced?

Although high energy usage is a good sign your windows need replacing, other signs suggest you may need new window installation.

Moisture accumulation is a good sign you need to replace your windows. If you notice your windows are constantly fogging or there is water condensation, this is a sign that they need replacing. Pay close attention to any fogging or moisture inside or in between the window panes.

During the changing of the seasons, your windows will expand or contract depending on the heat or cold outside. If your windows are cracking due to the changing temperatures, they absolutely will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Here are more tips to help you understand if it’s time to replace your windows


best replacement windows Plano

Why Choose Us For Your Replacement Windows Plano Service

When looking for window installation services, it’s important to choose a reliable company with knowledgeable employees that will replace your windows effectively and beautifully.

Glass Genie is a family-owned business that serves its customers in cities and towns in Texas. We are locally owned and operated and have been replacing auto and windshield glass since the company began in the late 1990s.

Our objective is to serve our customers in a timely and efficient manner while ensuring that our products are top-quality.

As we continue to expand our company and services, we are happy to begin serving our Texas customers as a window installment company for homes. Although we have been replacing glass in automobiles, we are a reliable and experienced window installment company. You can learn more about our services here.

Best Window Installment in Plano

If you’re noticing signs that your windows need to be replaced in your home, don’t wait to get them replaced. You will save money and energy use, and you can feel good about having strong and durable windows in your home.

Don’t wait any longer to find a replacement windows Plano service. Find one of our locations near you in Texas and schedule an appointment with us today.

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