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You are driving down a Dallas road singing along to a country song and whistling happily. All of a sudden, a bird that was flying overhead lands onto your windshield, creating an impact that you never saw coming.You immediately think that the windshield has cracked and that the damage could necessitate a windshield repair or a windshield replacement.
However, you are lucky. It is not that serious. The windshield is only slightly cracked, and the damage is not directly in your eye-line as the driver. You get to drive on, and you know that you will need to call the windshield repair shop later for an assessment.
Your situation is different, but there are hundreds of Dallas residents who find themselves needing windshield replacement and car glass repair near Dallas every day.That is why the Glass Genie is here.
You Are Here That’s Mean You Are Searching For Dallas Windshield Replacement & Repair Service Provider.
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We are a Dallas Windshield repair and replacement company that understands that windshields can take a beating, but they are not immune to damage. We offer our auto glass replacement services to ensure you have a windshield that will not cave in when you least expect.
As a low prices auto glass replacement shop in Dallas, we are here to ensure that all your windshield replacement needs have been met.

Our Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Services in Dallas

We have a wide variety of auto glass repair services Dallas to cater to your needs.

RV Auto Glass

This is one of the popular auto glass repair Dallas, TX services that we handle.

Rv Windshield Replacement

As part of our portfolio, we do not only carry out auto glass repair.


This is one of the popular auto glass repair Dallas, TX services that we handle.

Windshield Chip

Sometimes, it is possible to repair a chip without needing to replace it.

Back And Front Windshield Replacement.

This is yet another windshield replacement Dallas service that we offe
We at glass genie provides windshield replacement service


Many companies in Dallas, TX provide windshield replacement and windshield repair.
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At Glass Genie, we understand that professionalism matters.

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At Glass Genie, we understand that professionalism matters.

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We might be the glass geniuses, but this does not make us imper