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Glass Genie Plano is a local, family-owned and operated company. We have been proudly serving the Plano,Texas area since 1999 with our top notch service for over 20 years!Our AGRSS registered status means we strictly adhere to car manufacturer approved techniques when replacing your windshield or other glass needs so you can rest easy knowing it was done right by professionals

In Plano, Texas when you need same-day windshield repair? Call Glass Genie  Plano  for a fast and efficient service! Our Experienced Technicians can replace your Windshield or auto glass within an hour on the day of occurrence.

Windshield Repair Plano
We have the repute of giving the best windshield replacement Plano. Our certified professionals are quick, reliable and considerate. So if you require a windshield replacement you can depend on us to take care of the job done right. We ensure your windshield will be appropriately installed and will be free of leaks.
We offer windshield replacements of your vehicles whether it is more up to date or somewhat older and make sure to keep you safe. Being an industry leader in windshield replacement, we offer the highest quality windshield replacement services for our customers in Plano.
We have a stringent practice that guarantees you will get the best quality for your windshield replacement investment in Plano. You can likewise be guaranteed that our high-quality materials and skills are among the best in the industry. To summarize this, we work with your windshield replacement with integrity and give excellence in all features of the new windshield installation process. Simply contact us and we will respond to your need timely.
All of us drive from place to place for work, leisure, shopping, etc. The Auto Glass of our vehicle protects us from the wind, dust, and bugs blowing against the car. Some times, your Auto Glass can break for no fault of yours. Just a piece of wood or rock or metal falling of a vehicle passing in front of you can result in a crack on your Auto Glass. If you do not fix it, that can turn disastrous later.
How do you go about replacing your Auto Glass? In case of inevitable smaller cracks formed on your Auto Glass, if done promptly, they can be fixed without much problem. This can be done with the help of a qualified mechanic. If you are handy by nature, you may be able to do this on your own. If this is the case, Auto Glass replacement is not necessary. The actual process involves the cleaning up of the surface to remove any existing dirt, moisture, and waste, followed by the use of a resin compound to fill up the crack.
Windshield Repair Plano,TX
In some cases, ultraviolet light is used to dry up the surface faster. The actual process involves the cleaning up of the surface to remove any existing dirt, moisture, waste, etc. followed by the use of a resin compound to fill up the crack. In some cases, ultraviolet light is used to dry up the surface fast. If you have to get your auto glass replaced, then you may do some research and find the best offer available in the locality.
An online search would be the best choice for you to compare the prices offered by Auto Glass replacement firms. Most of them will come to the place of your choice and get the job done in a short time. In case you leave your cracked Auto Glass without getting it fixed, the size of the crack can increase due to the constant shaking and windblown at it during travel. If you have full coverage insurance, Auto Glass replacement will be covered under it. Otherwise, you may have to shell out the cost from your pocket.
Windshield Replacement Plano

Auto Glass Repair Service In Plano Texas

At Glass Genie Plano, we genuinely understand the importance of auto glass and, therefore, the protection it provides. It’s one of the foremost vital parts of your car’s safety restraint system, and a careless installation can cause the failure of this technique just once you need it the most in an accident! So please, don’t take your auto glass replacement lightly; make the safest choice for you and your family Glass Genie Plano

Glass Genie Plano is an AGRSS Registered company that strictly adheres to and enforces the procedures set forth by the AGRSS (Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards) council, applying the recommended adhesive installation procedures for automotive glass replacement as presented within the Lynx Services Business Builder. Compliance with these procedures ensures customers of top quality products, methods, and quality.

When auto glass gets broken, it can be a real hassle to fix it. A cracked or broken Auto Glass can make it nearly impossible to drive the car. Even if other windows are broken, it can make for a very uncomfortable ride. Once you manage to get the car to a shop somehow, you can be stuck waiting for hours or even days for the windows to be fixed.
One of the best ways to get around these problems is to hire a mobile auto glass repair service to do the work. Glass Genie Plano Texas Provides State of the Auto Glass Repair Service in Plano Texas. Just make a call to us for mobile auto glass repair service in Plano texas glass service center offers:

We Accept All Major Insurance

We Got Your Back-We Cover every primary insurance in Auto Glass Replacement in Plano If your auto insurance company provides coverage for Auto Glass Replacement as an option, you should strongly consider purchasing that coverage.
This is especially true if you do a lot of highway driving. Rocks are constantly getting kicked up by semi-truck vehicles, and those rocks get thrown into the air and come down with great force onto the Auto Glass of unsuspecting motorists. This can easily cause cracks in Auto Glass. Many insurance companies offer Auto Glass Replacement coverage that usually will cover damage to your cracked Auto Glass. Often there is no cost to you if the crack is small enough and can be fixed before it spreads.
But even if the crack has spread and a whole Auto Glass needs to be replaced, the cost would be less than your regular deductible. If you do not have Auto Glass Replacement coverage, you will have to pay whatever your full deductible is to cover the damage done to the Auto Glass. Auto Glass Replacement coverage is often an optional coverage on your auto insurance that is not very expensive.
It might be only a couple of dollars a year to add the coverage to your auto insurance policy. It might also be something that is already included in your system as part of a package plan. The best way to find out if your auto insurance policy covers Auto Glass Replacement is to call your insurance agent or company directly.
It is always a good idea to go over all of your insurance policies every year or so to make sure that you have all the coverages that you need and to make sure that you have all the discounts that you qualify for. Auto Glass Replacement is a coverage that can save you the right amount of money if you are in a situation where your Auto Glass needs to be fixed or replaced.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair & Replacement In Plano, TX

All of our mobile onsite windshield repairs are available for the entire Plano area. They’re provided at no additional charge. We’ll do the installation and supply of your quality windshields / auto glass for one all-inclusive competitive price.

Glass Genie Auto Glass Repair Service is equipped to fix all types of car windows at your location. Our trucks are loaded with all necessary supplies, including new glass, sealant, and other necessary hardware.
They will arrive when scheduled and have your car’s new window within minutes. If your car’s windshield is chipped or cracked rather than broken, Glass Genie Auto Glass Service will usually be able to fix it and save you from having to buy a whole new piece of glass. This is a more affordable solution than a full replacement.

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Glass Genie Plano has been providing top-quality auto glass services for more than 20 years. We always offer the best technical and customer service and make sure to get all repairs done right the first time. Our Certified Trained Technicians always perform the highest quality work. For your convenience, we will also complete all insurance paperwork and offer a nationwide guarantee! If you would like to get back…

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Our technicians are trained & certified professionals capable of safely replacing your windshields. Our techs use the latest equipment conforming to industry standards to speed up tasks and ensuring passenger safety for all installations. The best auto glass repair & replacement service in Plano, Texas with professional technicians & mobile repair at your location. Book an Appointment : (972) 905-4510
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